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Material grADIENTS


How can we look at colour theory and the connections between materiality and colour. The object itself... will the actual paint and the materiality of the oil change? I produced canvas of colour gradients and started thinking through making. What does a gradient transmit and speaks out as?

The act of changing within itself and the texture that oil can bring. It’s an incredible slow and personalized process, to create and investigate the gradient. It can be mathematic or emotional depending on the way you approach it, but what makes a gradient so calming and natural?

Making is important for the soul of mankind. So it will never go away entirely and making in traditional methods will always have a place. Crafts is beginning to be considered a lesser art. Yet the act of looking at is never considered to be decreasing.


         Colour theory has stated that colours have feelings and can transmit them with the way they are gathered or intersected. I explored the intersection of one colour through the spectrum.

gradient shredded_pink.jpg

Material Gradient - Pink Street, 2020
Digital work, Oil on canvas
120x90 cm

gradient shredded_primarycyan.jpg

Material Gradient - Cloud n9, 2020
Digital work, Oil on canvas
120x90 cm

gradient shredded_orange.jpg

Material Gradient - The fruit, 2020
Digital work, Oil on canvas
120x90 cm

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