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I am a multidisciplinary artist. I work closely with different mediums, exploring their ‘manuality’, their texture, and combining them to create something new. This knowledge of multiple mediums gives me a unique perspective on how I approach my work and the projects I’m involved in.

As a creative and a communicator, I explore topics like feminism and materiality, which I came to develop while completing my Masters. Working with materials is vital for any piece that I create, exploring the relationship between people and the physicality of art and destabilizing the public’s understanding of it. I do this while always taking my personal view as a starting point of each argument.

The way I work conveys a lot from my experiences and takes on life. I gather a lot of influence from my photography background, which significantly impacts how I frame my work. I wouldn’t say I’m a photographer, a painter, a designer or a fine artist. I’m a creative, and that gives me the freedom to develop my own ‘title’.

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